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    Hello! Ive recently brought the Cupid's Smoothie G-spot Vibrator (got it in the 2 for £20 deal) recieved today & of course i wanted to try it out because it had really good reviews... However- the moment I put battries it it- it became alive! ahaha, i couldnt turn it off- the botton didnt seem to work, the pattern didnt change or anything, it seemed to be on the higest speed.... Any advice on what to do ??

    Many thanks :))

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    A lot of people struggle with the top of that one.

    Try the following:

    1. Double check that all the batteries are in the right way
    2. Try twisting the lid back on from a different angle (I had the exact same problem when I bought mine, and this was what solved it for me)
    3. Make sure there are no loose bits inside that can create a constant "connection" anywhere
    4. If none of these work, let LH know, and they'll send you a new one!

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    I've got the opposite problem. Mine won't switch on!

    I can't add anything extra to Clockwork_Oasis's advice. If you've tried everything you can think of and it still isn't working properly then request a new one.

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    After requesting a replacement, I finally figured out how to put the batteries in correctly. At least I figured it out before I received a replacement and opened it. Hopefully this will save people making the same mistake.

    Hold the vibrator so the button is at the top and facing you. The battery on the left should have the plus end facing out (so you can see the bumpy end). The battery on the right should have the minus end facing out (so you can see the flat end).

    I don't if it is just mine, but both sides have springs at the bottoms which leads you (falsely) to believe both should go minus end down. Having a spring on the side where the plus end faces down isn't great since the plus end gets stuck. It's a bit of a design flaw.

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