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    So I've been interested in a magic wand for awhile. Mh only problem is they're quite pricey, so I was hoping on some feedback on the mini wand, help would be truely appreciated <3

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    I have this


    and I love it !! I bought it to see if a wand would do it for me as I didn't want to spend loads on something I wouldn't enjoy. I now have the full size mains powered wand but still use the smaller one a lot as it has the advantage of not needing to be near a power supply. The batteries last for ages too and it never fails to get me there.....quickly :) x

    (I have reviewed it if you want to have a snout) x

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    Which mini wand are you looking at? The big wands are a bit pricey but I think you get what you pay for - I haven't tried anything that really compares to the power they give out.

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    Hey classy lass

    Without knowing which wand you want it's tough to give you any feedback, but the Lovehoney Waterproof Mini Magic wand has 208 reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars - see here.

    The Bodywand Mini Wand has 45 reviews and an average rating of 4/5 stars - see here.

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    I have two mini wands, both of which have been mentioned, this one:


    and this one:


    They are both very good, however the Lovehoney one would be my go to buy. It is such a fab little wand and I actually prefer it to the mains powered deluxe wand. It has had so much use since I bought it, if it broke I would be immediately replacing it, I couldn't be without it.


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    Agree with Terri, though this silly forum wont let me quote -.-

    I received that wand as a tester and had nothing bad to say. It's a brilliant wee device I've had a lot of fun with and I'd happily recommend it to anyone.

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    My GF and I got the LH waterproof mini wand, and it is fantstic, really handy to carry places and vives her enough power to cum. She does have a mains powered one aswell (also LH) which is obviously going to be stronger, but the mini wands are not to be sneered at!

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    I have all 3 lovehoney wands, the micro, mini and the mains version.

    As others have said you get what you pay for. My least favourite is the waterproof micro as it is so noisy. The mains version is equally noisy but much more powerful so satisfaction is guaranteed.

    I guess it depends on the features you want and the power. Personally, I would favour a rechargable over battery any day. I also love waterproof toys as I disguise the noise with the bathroom fan and running water!

    I would look at the reviews and go for the best you can afford, offering the features you want. Maybe even wait for a 20% off deal.


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    I'm so sorry it's taken me awhile to find myself back to this thread. The wand I was looking at is in the 2 for £20 deal. Its the micro magic wand with 241 reviews 4 stars.
    I'm looking at this and looking for feedback because I was wanting to also purchase the Lovehoney bionic bullet beaded anal vibrator, 73 reviews, with a rating of 4 and a half stars.
    I viewed these because I don't want to spend too much on a wand incase I'm unsure, also I want to try an anal toy. Oooh and there's the tiny fact... I'm on a budget atm. Lol!

    Please can I get some feedback as to whether this/along with the anal toy would be a good purchase.

    Thanks in advance xxxxx

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    The mini wand is very very mini, but very powerful! Its a nifty little thing.

    The beaded anal vibrator is quite powerful too, little noisy, but I have hardly ever heard a bad thing about it :-)


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    Thanks Paige, I did read the reviews and they said the mini wand is extremely powerful *perfect for this power queen* 👑 Lol;-) and I have recently got into anal-play and the beaded anal vibe looks right up my street <3 xxx

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