• Why do I want a silicone love doll?

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    After trying many male sex toys, whether purchased or as a sex toy tester, I find that I have recently been drawn to look at websites advertising realistic full sized silicone love dolls. I have mainly used small hand held masturbation sleeves but have more recently used a large silicone masturbator which is the lower half of a doll (the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 3) and a high quality inflatable doll (Pipedream Extreme's Hannah Harper Love Doll) both of which I have reviewed on this site. Both are really good to use and so naturally I am curious about what it is like to use one of the very high quality full sized ultra realistic silicone dolls that you see adverised on Japanese and US sites. Unfortunately (or maybe that should be fortunately) I can't afford to buy one so am not likely to find out but I keep asking myself why I think I want one. It seemed strange the first time I used any sort of sex toy and then it became the norm and it certainly seemed strange the first time I used the aforementioned Pipedream products so it would, I am sure, feel similar when using one of these dolls. Eventually though it would probably seem normal and yet I don't think it is really normal to want to use one especially as they are so very lifelike, so why do I keep looking at the websites that sell them and telling myself that I would really like to try one? How many of you have had similar thoughts?

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    I've always wanted to try one, but just out of pure curiosity.

    As you've already tried them before, I think it's only natural that you are interested in the more expensive versions. I'm the same with all of my sex toys. I own some cheap strokers, but I'm really interested in trying a Fleshlight - simply just because it's an upgrade.

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    I love those dolls, they're amazing! If I had money, I'd buy one just to dress her up and brush her hair :)

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    I don't think it really matters why. Even if you are surprised it interests you, you're not doing any harm if you did decide (money permitting) to explore and if you ended up enjoying it, then it's all good.

    I've become interested in loads of stuff, I've previously never considered or considered and said no way too. I used to get all caught up in why I want to do things. No I figure if I want to do and someone is willing to join in with me, then why the hell not.

    Life is short, embrace what you fancy trying and run with it I say (so long as it is safe, consensual etc etc)


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