• Finally made friends with my Cone

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    Remember the Cone? It still exists, but LH doesn't sell it anymore - it's a large, cone shaped external vibe with all sorts of fancy vibration patterns.

    A boyfriend bought me one yeaaars ago, during my quest to learning to orgasm, and I discovered that I need strong precise stimulation so the cone didn't work for me.

    Now I finally have a reliable way of getting myself off (it's an electric toothbrush and a tingletip) I am making friends with my cone. Because it might not get me there all the way, but it's brilliant for when I'm writing (or reading) smut and don't actually want to get off that fast.

    (the tingletip is great, but it's a little like getting kicked off a ledge. Its only setting is HOLY SHIT)

    Just thought it was funny that after years of searching for better, faster, stronger to be able to get myself off, now I'm looking back to gentler vibes, and found a great use for a toy that's been sitting around for about five years now..

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    Honestly thought you meant cane and it was a typo at first!

    Then had images of a traffic cone, read a bit more and it turned into a vubrating traffic cone. Something which I would buy for the sheer fun of it!

    But on a thread related note I'm glad you're dinally getting some live from your not traffic cone, cone!

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    That's fab :)

    I find the cone is good for that work up x

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    I think i have the opposite problem, now i know the right technique ANY vibe will do, and its from unaroused to orgasm in about 30 seconds to 2 minutes and no idea how to slow it down.

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