• Tenga lube, what's your fave?

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    I hadn't seen a thread on this, certainly not in the sex toys for men section (which is where I searched). Apologies if it was elsewhere.

    So, take your pick out of the three lubes you have to choose from:

    Mild, the thick one.

    Real, the middle-of-the-road one.

    Wild, the dribbly, feel-it-all one.

    Personally I prefer Real, it's most like other lubes I have tried so it is my 'norm'. I wasn't really a fan of Mild as it was a bit too thick, but Wild is quite good if a bit messy. Although at over £10 per 100ml, I'd rather stick with my cheap and cheerful Sassy Sliquid instead.

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    I'll ask OH student20 - off the top of my head he loved the wild and the real was quite good as well. I have got him the Wet Light to try as well as the runnier they are the more sensation you get.

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    I left all my TengaTubes (copyright pending to me for that one!) at uni, just bought the main flip hole home and have been using my standard Liquid Silk. I'll have to try out the tubes when I get back to uni :)

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    Mr HP says the Wet Light is very good indeed - very comparable to the Real. The Sliquid H20 is a bit runnier than the Sassy so might work well in the Tenga.

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