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    Cock Rings: What are they? What do they do? 11 RS94

    Thursday at 9:39 pm
    by RS94


    Today at 8:00 pm
    by Adoramus

    Anal Plugs 6 Velvet Tongue

    Thursday at 6:55 pm
    by Velvet Tongue

    blonde vixen13

    Today at 5:42 pm
    by blonde vixen13

    Split Dildo 13 slizzee

    Today at 7:38 am
    by slizzee


    Today at 1:47 pm
    by Sunshine,Lollipops

    Which large toy? 1 honeybunny91

    Today at 12:11 pm
    by honeybunny91


    Today at 12:51 pm
    by Fluffbags

    What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?
    Page: 1 2 3 4 5137 138 139 140 141
    2814 Arkadia

    25 Mar 2011 at 5:41 pm
    by Arkadia


    Today at 11:53 am
    by Lovebirds_x

    BDSM Equipment 5 blacksalami

    Sunday at 11:42 pm
    by blacksalami


    Today at 9:21 am
    by Delboy1991

    Ben Wa Balls 3 Allurement

    Yesterday at 10:57 pm
    by Allurement


    Today at 2:27 am
    by Allurement

    Glass Dildo - Beginners Advice? 16 Ralph007

    Yesterday at 10:30 am
    by Ralph007

    Ghost Girl

    Yesterday at 10:59 pm
    by Ghost Girl

    monogamy fulfilling fantasy 12 againstleon

    Saturday at 9:37 am
    by againstleon


    Sunday at 8:58 pm
    by Sleazysue

    Tango stronger than Mia? 11 IrishRose

    Saturday at 5:20 pm
    by IrishRose


    Sunday at 10:15 am
    by Fluffbags

    Male Masturbators 4 Survey_Guy

    13 Oct 2014 at 1:47 pm
    by Survey_Guy


    Saturday at 5:40 pm
    by kc.

    Anyone have the Fun Factory ShareVibe USB Rechargeable Vibrating Double Strap On?
    Page: 1 2
    28 Vhorza

    Thursday at 2:46 pm
    by Vhorza


    Saturday at 5:25 pm
    by era

    Remote bullet recommendations? 2 Yes man

    Saturday at 2:14 pm
    by Yes man

    Sum Sub

    Saturday at 2:27 pm
    by Sum Sub

    Dana to Husband 1 #Dana

    Friday at 11:00 pm
    by #Dana


    Friday at 11:00 pm
    by #Dana

    Adapting a sleeve / hip to use with an automatic pump ? 1 hoodedclaw

    Friday at 9:26 pm
    by hoodedclaw


    Friday at 9:26 pm
    by hoodedclaw

    Extender sleeve 1 Bored

    Friday at 8:24 pm
    by Bored


    Friday at 8:24 pm
    by Bored

    Does anyone know if this works?
    Page: 1 2
    21 Audrianna87

    29 Sep 2014 at 7:14 pm
    by Audrianna87


    Friday at 3:36 pm
    by sexytime87

    Which kegel ball should I use? 6 astrogirl32

    Wednesday at 3:17 am
    by astrogirl32


    Thursday at 6:14 pm
    by cherie

    Guess who finally got pegged! 19 WeeSteve

    13 Oct 2014 at 12:33 am
    by WeeSteve


    Thursday at 2:43 pm
    by Vhorza

    double penetration vibrating cock ring 4 viking55

    Wednesday at 9:54 pm
    by viking55

    Young and fun95

    Wednesday at 10:38 pm
    by Young and fun95

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