• Kim Karadashian

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    Purring-Pussy wrote:

    not interested in any of them personally. Never followed them on social media, or normal media. Never even watched the tv show.

    Nor me until a few months ago never heard of her, only one paper kept going on about her, not interested don't do the celebrity thing only Bond and Who related.

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    I don't think it's fair to say that you dislike someone because they love themselves when you don't know that person. It really really gets to me, because I've had people say that about me, in a really nasty way and it's totally not the case.

    Just because someone takes care of their appearance, doesn't mean that they love themselves. Is it not nice for a woman to look after themselves?

    You've also got to think about how Kim makes her money. Do you really think she would be paid as much for showing up on a red carpet in a hoodie with no make up? Definitely not. She earns her money from her looks, so obviously she has to spend a lot of time and attention on her looks to keep the money coming in.

    I'm pretty sure if I had the money that the Kardashians have, I would spend a ton of money to look my best, to make sure my family has very nice clothes, especially with constantly being photographed. But disliking someone because they 'love themselves' and all they care about is looks when you've never met someone is really wrong in my opinion.

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    I don't really have an opinion either way; I've got no reason to hate her as I don't know her although I do find her annoying. I think she's got an amazing body though - bf agrees - and amusingly, he joked that she'd call her kid North before she was born! We should've put a bet on it!

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    Kim kardashian or anybodybody named kardashian - WTF

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    I've never seen the tv show so she doesnt annoy me but seeing her in mags id forget what she looks like 30seconds later. Jennifer lawrence on the other hand, id stare at that girl ALL day!!

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    Lovehoney - Cazz wrote:

    Hey Sub she has a magnificent behind! you should check it out....

    I like this coming from a woman - brave, proud and beautiful x

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