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    As long as LH doesnt object, would anyone like to post their fave online sex resources. Educational sites, blogs, podcasts, erotica etc.

    Knowledge is power! Share the knowledge!

    I find the these interesting,or have in the past.

    Sexisfun.net - Sometimes has interesting debates about many many different things. An American podcast.

    Cherrytv.com - Small segments on sex issues, I found it useful for combatting the 'Cosmo media' and assumptions.

    Anyone got any resources?

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    Thank you! I'll have a look.

    I've looked at some of these before forgot to add some to my example too.

    Thanks I have them all tabbed as I type!

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    Fantastic links, thanks so much :D

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    Channel 4's 'Sexperience' site is pretty good, aimed primarily at a 'younger generation', but their links page is very informative for anyone (on quite a few different issues, probably listing some already mentioned).


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    My fav site is sexinfo101.com. So many different positions, each of them with their own little animation! Alot of them are just impossible unless you're a gymnast and highly flexible, but they're fun to think about. Also has a good few sex related articles.

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    LoveHoney - Carly wrote:
    http://sorry-mom.com/ - Slept with a douche bag? You're not the only one...


    i love this site, been reading it since it was mentioned on here a few weeks ago!

    www.urbandictionary.com is a good one too for slang and eupahmism

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