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    Hi my girlfriend really wants to squirt but we can't seem to ever do it she gets really wet but ends up exhausted before she squirts any tips or advice on making her squirt ?

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    Ok thanks

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    The top blog post is on this topic.

    You might want to give it a read:


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    Hi buddy. My partner also wanted to squirt for me. The last weekend I took advantage of using a good clitoral stimulator on her clit and made her orgasm a few times, one after another, DONT stop inbetween. Then after about the 4th time I inserted a decent sized dildo and used it fast and hard on her until she orgasm. Then straight back to the clit vibe on full power and bam!!!! A good squirt. And it worked the second time next day too. Worth a try matey

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    I remember tripping over this site
    Give it a go as he has a video specifically on a squirting orgasm... V interesting "educational" video...
    Might give a realtime idea on how to do it....

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    A great tip I think is that if there is too much pressure on squirting you are less likely to. Make sure she stays relaxed and don't have sex with the aim of squirtin. Just enjoy your sex xx

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