• Girth is way to small... help!!

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    x_SUSSEX_x wrote:

    i do agree wiv wat lubyanka is sayin but hes already well sensitive from his last girlfriend so i dont wanna make him any worse by bringin this up, i wouldnt even no wat 2 say, seriously [...]

    jus lacks it wen it comes to penatrative sex, im used to them being huge and because im not used to his size im abit put off by it, i dont want it in my mouth where as usualy i love that n i dont realy want foreplay cos i wouldnt no what to do with the size because its tinyyyyy! [...]

    lexx i seem to be just like ur fiance, i love all kinds of foreplay but yea im the same as her, if i dont get a good seeing to i feel like im missing out n im not happy!!

    but still, theres got 2 be a simple solution 2 this? well i hope there is, how could i bring this up in conversation when we havnt been together for that long? [...] how do i 'describe' that the fing i want 2 feel is his dick? [...] i know i need to do it sooner rather than later but i still feel its to early to mention something like this? [...] how do u tell sum1 that there not pleasuring u???

    If a person's ego is so fragile that they cannot cope when their partner expresses their needs, then in my experience the best thing to do is to walk away.

    There are choices you can make. If you really require a partner with a big penis and cannot be happy without a big penis in your vagina or your mouth, then I think you and your current partner would be better off if you stopped expecting him to be something he can never be, and accept him for who he is now and what he has now. He will never have a bigger penis, this is never going to change, so either accept it and work with what he's got , or leave him.

    And by the way, sex and foreplay can be done with other parts of the body besides the genitals. You have miles and miles of skin at your disposal, why focus on one tiny area alone?

    There is a simple solution to this - How do you tell somebody they're not satisfying you? Say so. How do you describe that you want to feel a big penis? Say so. In my experience it really is that simple and there is no other way.

    He can't read minds and he will never know what's up with you unless you tell him. Either you can tell him in a way that gets you an outcome you want, or you tell him in a way which doesn't. Either way, if you want to be sexually satisfied, he will have to know and the only way he can know is if you tell him.

    In my experience, the longer you wait the harder it will be. If he thinks he is satisfying you now, what's he going to think when he finds out you've been misleading him about that? There is no other way. Tell him or leave him, it's up to you. If you leave it too long chances are he will take that decision out of your hands and leave you first. Discussing earlier is way better than leaving it til later, in my experience.

    If the idea of him leaving you feels like a relief, then perhaps leaving him might be the best thing.

    I'll tell you one thing though, I'm 43 years old and I've had a number of partners over the years. My experience of men with big dicks is that they ram and bam and are the worst lovers I've ever had. Big penises really aren't everything. The best lovers I've ever had were the ones with nondescript penises because they try to please me. In my experience, the ones who are interested in my pleasure are the best lovers regardless of what genitals they have. Your partner can choose to become the best lover ever, or he can decide to shiver in a box and bemoan his fate, that's up to him. But if he doesn't know he can't get started.

    Please tell him, it really does make all the difference. Good luck.

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    Lubyanka makes some good points here and I would agree.

    Good luck Sussex. The thing to bear in mind is that if he likes you then he will want to work through this too. Let us know how you get on.

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    humm tricky one.. however, if it is a problem for you then it probably is for him too. and it wont be the first time.. He is most likely stressing about it too... I have a friend who has had a string of failed relationships probably for the same reason.. there are only two options.. 1) tell him straight, might crush him, but what is he going to do? will have the same problem with anyone... or 2) you take the blame and protect his ego...

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    lubyanka ur right in what ur sayin it is realy good advice, i like him and im sure theres probly things about me he doesnt like but as a couple you work through so ill take on board what youve all said and let you know how i get on :D

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    x_SUSSEX_x wrote:

    lubyanka ur right in what ur sayin it is realy good advice, i like him and im sure theres probly things about me he doesnt like but as a couple you work through so ill take on board what youve all said and let you know how i get on :D

    That sounds really positive, I hope your partner takes the challenge and becomes the best lover ever! I hope it all works out and I look forward to your update. :)

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    Another thought to the expensive Wibe vib (or whatever it is called) is a cheap normal smooth vibrator.

    I gave my new partner a smooth vib. for her birthday and she wanted me to use it on her.

    We have recently tried some of the basic vibrating cock rings and last night we thought it would be fun to stimulate her while we made love. With a bit of lube, after a while we end ended up with both me and the vibrator insider her (not a big vib.).

    You new guy could hold the vibrator and move it in and out, can stimulate you interenally and externally and you can both have fun.

    [not to say that you should not have a frank discussion about size and how you can both enjoy each other physically]

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    his skinny thing might not feel quite so skinny in your bum. I know that may not have been YOUR thing in the past, but you could very well find him a lot more "fulfilling" between your cheeks.

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    Bringing toys into the bedroom is an obvious but effective solution, if you can play together then at least you are getting some satisfaction whilst you figure what positions work best for you as a couple. I'd try doing doggy but with your legs crossed or placing a pillow below your hips, have him enter you from behind and then lowering yourself, closing your legs - like missionary but facing the opposite way. Sorry I don't know position names :-s Being small isn't always a curse - it makes oral and anal much easier if you are inclined towards either xxx

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