• magic wand question

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    I have a slighly embarassing question about the magic wand. Every time I use it I gush alot, is this normal, and if not what am I doing wrong.

    I know its not pee because I go to the loo before, and the liquid I gush is clear, and sweet smelling,

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    it's perfectly normal it's what is known as "Squirting" and is possible to be achieved clitorally if you aren't using a g-spot attachment

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    Congratulations, missb - squirting takes some people years to achieve!

    I've just bought my OH a magic wand for Xmas - she's only managed to squirt once so here's hoping!

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    Not embarassing - its great to have found that ability....!

    This is just one reason why Wands are magic.....

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    That is squirting its amazing sensation enjoy it the wand works magic have a read here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2007/09/06/female-ejaculation-how-to-squirt/

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