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    My wife has recently aquired a vibrating plate as used in many Gyms. ~Whilst watching her use it I realised how very erotic it was. One night after a few drinks I suggested she use it in the nude (so we could see the muscles being toned). After a while we found it made a great sex aid. With me laid across it and her on top and the machine on full vibrate we had mind blowing orgasms. Have since found that with her astride her dildo with the suction base on the plate and giving me oral, the machine on maximum, the vibrations travel through us. Heaven!! Anyone else found an alternative use for everyday equipment? I don't mean you guys that thought they had found an alternative use for the Dyson and ended up in A & E.

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    Oooooooo I have one of these now where are my dildos ??? :-)

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    How about one of these:-


    BTW, 5kN = half a ton force - enough for anyone I would think!

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