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    Lady Lara wrote:

    Hello Lubyanbka,

    I did try it and again got very little in the way of a pleasurable response, " nothing special " were the words he used - I got the whole fingers rolling the root bit going well, but - nothing! He just doesn't like it very much, so that's that. Do you think there's a medical condition called an insensitive perineum?

    Haven't even used the stroke 29 lube yet, he had to postpone his snip because of work so it's now in a couple of weeks.

    I'd say that the up side to all that is that you didn't hurt him, so at least he knows, even if the experience was "nothing special", it wasn't horrible! :p I mean, you were probably pressing pretty hard, so now you know that you can use quite a bit of pressure and it won't hurt.

    I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. Since it didn't hurt, I think it's worth persevering because the rewards can be absolutely tremendous. And lots of things don't happen on the first attempt anyhow, so if at first you don't succeed ... :)

    Maybe you can both try it again at some future time and see if you both get better at it? I'm thinking if you waited until he was extra super duper aroused, he'd be more likely to enjoy it. In my experience, the more turned on people are, the fewer inhibitions they have, and trying it again at that point might help, just in case that's what's preventing him from enjoying it, you know?

    If you don't think he'd be too weirded out by some stranger on a forum saying so, please send your husband my best wishes for his operation.

    Thank you very much for the update, I appreciate it. :)

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