• men - do you prefer anal sex or vaginal sex with your women?

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    I want to venture into more analsex with my partner but I only want it every now and again. Im worried he will prefer it and only want anal sex or keep asking when I don't want to. What do you guys prefer to do with your girl, do you prefer anal over vaginal? If so why, whats the difference in feeling etc, I want to understand men haha

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    Hi asporty, It is very close. But for me I do prefer vaginal i love the natural lube telling you how turned on your OH is. Also the visual side of seeing the vulva moving as you go in and out, I really love the out stroke seeing the inner lips on the contours of my penis.The other sences are all active too the smell of her wet sex, plus the sound of the wettness. Finally my OH has done a lot of pelvic floor execises and she can squeeze and grip me. None of this can be done anally, but (no pun indended) it is just extra naughty and kinky. Hope this helps.

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    Pretty much what the giant said :)

    There is something naughty about anal that makes it so desirable.

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    ^ ^ ^ Agree

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