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    Naughty Miss K wrote:

    MissChar wrote:

    Yes man wrote:

    MissChar wrote:

    As everyone else says fetishes are diff for all...so maybe that was the wrong title but here goes!

    I havea fetish for bald men! Either gone bald or shaved head I'm not fussy. Really want my oh to shave his head but he says he will look a thug. :(

    Sex things we do: edging, D/s, bondage, pain/torture, stress positions, I have a big spanking fetish. And then some extremer fetishes I have that I will not be posting :) x

    Oo Kitten you are a tease! Lol

    LOL! I know I just don't wanna offend anyone :)

    That just made curiosity worse! :P

    With you on that Naughty Miss! X
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    Not sure where to start...

    Bondage, spanking, feet, heels, stockings, latex, are the main things, lots more unusual things that turn me on too

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    I am quite boring I think I like a bit of bondage/ ropes Etc and spanking

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    I guess to seperate out the individual things that other people might call fetishes would leave me with a list of Spanking, Legs and Bums, Ladies in nice lingerie, Bondage, Roleplay and the list could go on and on!

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    In a place like this where BDSM is so normal, pretty much everything I like feels like a strange fetish.

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