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    Hi Guys

    ive decided i want to explore my bi side more, just wondering what would be the best way of finding someone? should i put an ad somewhere if so where? or what sites should i look at, any suggestions gratefully recieved





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    Why not go to a few parties and suss out a few like minded ladies .. could do worse i suppose ..have fun ..xx

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    Hello ginger!

    Great advice from Carly, above! I'd also like to invite you to the Bisexual Chat thread, here

    >>> http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/sex-talk/75621-bisexual-chat/

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    I'd also say that Carly's advice is great, and if you were to go with your impulses and seek out some likeminded ladies, perhaps you could find out about any gay clubs or nights and places around that you may have? Even small places now seem to have the odd gay night, and in a city you're rarely short of a gay bar or two.

    Then you can feel comfortable in a safe environment (I'd recommend taking a couple of friends along, then you're guaranteed to have a nice night out as well as the chance to pick someone up) and it's a lot easier to suss out who's interested. Even better though, do you have any lesbian or bisexual friends to take you out to the good lgbt haunts?

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    gingerminx wrote:

    ive decided i want to explore my bi side more, just wondering what would be the best way of finding someone?

    Whether you're seeing partners who are bisexual, monosexual, unisexual, kinky, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, polyamorous, uniamorous, biamorous, blonde, brunette, ginger, red, green, chartreuse or striped, in my experience, the most useful way to seek partners of any kind is to do it in the ways you've always sought partners before - normal run-of-the-mill dating. In my experience, all human beings are human beings first, with orientation second. Just as every person you date may not be to your tastes, every bisexual person may not be either. However you got together with your spouse, try that way to meet a bisexual partner.

    In my experience, dating behaviour remains pretty much the same no matter who you are. Bisexuals are no different.

    So go ye forth and datest the populace!

    Incidentally, if you're free at the end of August, you might want to check out Bicon:


    Good luck. :)

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