• any interesting,funny or embarrassing stories to share ?

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    I once took my gf to a local sex shop to buy her a new toy and I walked straight up to the vibrators and started to have a good look a shop assistant came over and asked if I needed any help so I told her I was lookin for a new toy for my gf but my gf told me to pick it out myself the assistant recommended 1 toy and said it can be used in 2 different ways so I pointed out that she was wrong and it could actually be used 4 different ways and began giving examples my gf got embarrassed and said she was goin to get us a coffee I continued looking at the toys and giving the assistant advice on how to use them half an hour later my gf shouted hurry up your coffee is going cold now my gf refuses to go in another sex shop with me and makes me pick out all her toys and whenever I go back to that sex shop the assistant always comes over to show me the new stock and ask my opinions and advice Im now on a first name basis with all the staff the manager offers me the occasional discount and i even help other customers pick thing's out for them selves

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    My boyfriend got embarrassed of me the other week as I was looking at some contraption in AS (not to buy obviously!) while we were browsing and I was holding it while the sales assistant was trying to explain to me how it worked (I couldn't turn it off) so I kind of mimed putting it in myself to see how it would stimulate etc... My boyfriend and the sales assistant were mortified haha.... I was too when I realised what I was actually doing but I played it cool!

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    When I'd first met my wife me and her were listening to some music in her room at her parents house , doing a bit of heavy petting , she then went downstairs to get a drink . Me on hearing footsteps coming up the stairs pulled down my pants and lay spread eagled on the bed assuming I would give her a laugh , shock whatever , but it was only her mother my now mother in law come to see if I was staying for tea , it was the most embarrassing meal I've ever eaten , still gets brought up to this day ,

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    Was at girlfriends mums house one day, both gf and her mum went out. Was upstairs feeling horny and started to play with myself. Herd the front door and assumed it was my gf, so continued wanking, herd the foot steps up the stairs and then the door opening. Guess what it wasn't the gf, it was her mum. To this day it still gets mentioned.

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