• Anal Play Advice needed

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    So I need sme advice from u lovely experienced people. I want to start anal play on my oh, where do I start, he is up for it and i wanna use my fingers while givin him oral but what do I do. Is there a tecnique involved, do I build up to a toy or butt plug, how will I no im doin it right!! Also and i no this is really embarassin to ask but shud he hve a poo first. Any advice an guidance wud b much appreciated

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    The best things to do if it is your first time is go slowly at first, use plenty of good quality lube oh and cut your finger nails! as far as #2 goes it couldn't hurt but we always make sure we are shall we say "fresh and clean" anyway.

    The most important thing is to talk, make sure its all ok comfortable and your both happy, as with everything no and stop should mean no and stop, no exceptions! As for building up to toys and plugs its really what you feel comfortable with, the same goes for technique to, its what feels good for you. Most importantly make sure you enjoy yourselves.

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    Here is a great guide that covers all the bases from the Lovehoney Blog:


    I have also written a guide for beginners and anal play on my blog:


    And here is a great thread to help you out with tons of advice:


    between these guides and thread, I think you should find all the information you might need, but if you have any specific questions, just ask us! Good luck xx

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    Thanks guys, i appreciate it, ill gettin lkin at these sites today!!

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