• never had sex but...........

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    So i have never had sex but i have used a toy and been fingered,everytime that happens i feel like i want to pee and it kind of puts me off.

    Why do i feel like i want to pee? the feeling is just too much that id rather them stop incase i do wee,im just worried this might happen when i have sex :/

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    Hey Jaybee, It sounds like your wanting to squirt which is exactly the same feeling as wanting to pee, but dont worry there is usually very little or none at all when you do squirt/gush as its totally a different fluid.

    Its also considered to be quite a big turn on for some guys. Next time it happens try just to relax into it and let go to see what happens. x

    There's also this thread with some great tips :) - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/723986-squirting-advice-plz/

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    big turn on here too!

    One of the biggest points with any sort of sexual pleasure is having the ability to let go and let your body take over to truly enjoy the pleasures.

    This is much easier said than done however and may well never be achieved completely with most people. I'm sure there are a lucky few out there who can completely let go of all inhibitions though!

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    Massive turn on!! Just put a towel under your bum and go for it!


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    It's just him hitting your G-spot. =)

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    It definitely sounds like you may be heading for the old squirting orgasm there. If you can get that nailed, you will be very popular with the men.

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    Ork wrote:

    Almost everyone to my knowledge feels that, it is nothing to worry about, just means you are close to orgasm... you just have to kind of push through it :)

    On a side note, I don't think people need or want to know who is turned on XD Totally irrelevant to the thread.

    I agree with both points, this isnt AFF.

    Maybe do it in the shower or bath if your worried about any mess then you can relax more.

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    I agree it sounds like youre close to orgasm. it does give the same feeling as squirting. to make sure you dont pee, empty your bladder beforehand and then eithee have a play in the shower or use a towel underneath. good luck and just stay with it.

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    It des sound like your g-spot is being hit. Being totally new to penetration I am going to guess that you are nervous, and not used to things being inside you which will cause two things to happen. 1) You will feel tighter, due to muscles not quite relaxing, due to nerves. It is a myth that virgins are tight and ladies who have lots of sex are loose. The vaginal tunnel is surrounded with muscle and it is those that give the impressions of tightness, when a woman is tense, or purposely tensing the muscles, she feels tighter. I "virginal tightness" is mostly based on her being nervous and tense. Anyway, with tense mucles, you are squeezing around the object inserted, which does mean it will feel more intense as you squeeze your g-spot area around the object, giving you that sensation of needing to pee even more. 2) All these sensations are more intense right now as it is new for you.

    Here are some tips to help:

    Practice in the bath or shower and push through that 'need to pee' sensation and see what happens. This will give you confidence, as you play alone somewhere safe to get wet, you will begin to discover what is going on, if you will pee etc. (Also worth noting that this is the sensation women get before they squirt, and you may indeed squirt. Try it in a dry bath and check the colour of the liquid. Squirt is usually quite clear, not yellow like urine)

    When you insert the toy or fingers, ask him to keep them straight (Avoid curving anything upwards towards your belly button) instead, when you insert, get him to push his hand a little, downwards, towards your bum. I don't mean curve his fingers, but just ensure that the pressure is applied to the lower wall of your vagina more. This should lower the intensity felt against the g-spot on the upper wall until you are ready to feel that intense sensation.

    Relaxing is the best thing, but that will come with time because the muscles down there, although they can be controlled, also can work involuntarily and any nervousness or tenseness causes them to tighten or clamp around the inserted object. With time, these sensations will lesson as you gain confidence and can relax knowing nothing is going to cause you to pee or be sore.

    Practice a LOT on your own. It is more nerve wracking when you have these intense, new sensations and feel like your going to pee on your partners hand, so you will never be fully relaxed until you learn yourself what the feelings mean and what will happen. Get a slimline toy and any chance you have, practise. Practise tensing and squeezing your muscles around it, to see what each feels like, practice angling the toy one way and another to see what that does for you, practise different speeds etc. Until you feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Hope that helps x

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    thankyou so much guys,this has helped so much,i wasnt expecting any of these replies,ive been so worried about it and now i feel loads better so im just going to go with it on my own and see what happens so i know and feel more confident with a guy :)

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    Squirting is a lot of fun. If its gonna happen for you, enjoy :) x

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    that is the exact feeling you get before squirting, i do this everytime we have sex and my bf is adamant this its pee and even though ive found articles and other such proof that it isnt he wont believe me, (pride gets in the way i think).

    its the most amazing feeling during and after squirting youll love it, just relax and let go :-) xx

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    Be happy relax and enjoy....

    The best advice I ever got was "know what you enjoy and what makes you tick and share that with your lover"

    Shame it took me 20 yrs to put this in action but hey better late than never...

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    so this feeling is defo squirting and not wanting to wee lol because its not painful or anything its just overwelming

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    I had this very same sensation yesterday evening, when I was using my dildo as opposed to my favourite rabbit, and I just repositioned the dildo a little & I stopped curving it up for a bit to stop the sensation. It did, but then I lost my groove shortly after too! :\ I think it just means I've got to find the perfect rhythm, as I too have never had sex and am still learning the joys of masturbation. :)

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