• If it was your last day on earth and you could only experience one final sex act, what would it be?

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    that's a difficult question! I'd go for lots of hugs and kisses... Some oral (maybe 69) then finish off with doggy then anal (which I'm loving now!)


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    Lady Lara wrote:

    My ankles around his neck, complete with lacy knickers still draped around them, bum up on pillows for maximum depth of penetration, him with his fingers entwined in my suspenders leaving fingerprints in my inner thighs while spreading me wide open - plus my basque pulled down, exposing my boobs for him to bite and suck. Although flat on my front rear entry has been an interesting new variation, with my hands restrained it's especaily nice.

    For hubby, hard and rough doggy or me with my knees up by my ears, wide open for him to watch himself pounding me.

    You like a bit of rough then Lady Lara???



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    The rougher the better lately! A bit too rough yesterday morning, I hurt my back whilst being far too energetic , far too early, by thrusting backwards and upwards while flat on my front! I'd had such a fantastic g-spot orgasm while face down and flat on Monday night that I thought that 8.30 in the morning was a good idea to try it again ( it's not).

    I've been looking at the positioning straps or the hip strap thingy for doggy style, the sportsheet ankle positioning straps have the edge atm as they look very versatile. We may have to try it with the silk scarves I brought back from Egypt first to gauge how succesful it would be. I tried tying hubbys hands to the bed but I didn't like it because I love to be touched when I'm on top, it's not fun if he can't slap my bum!

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    hmmm lat sex act, well i def would want him to be inside me as the worl would end.... and i would have said doggy but id want to see his face till the end so im gonna go with....

    me on my back with him kneeling up and my knees bent with my feet on his chest, feels really really good and he can watch himself fucking me, his cock coming out wetter and wetter each time.


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    i Think i would have to agree with my VampyreWillow :]

    And maybe a blowjob in the middle somewhere ;]

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    Haha, looks like i'd be getting what i wanted then!


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    Being tied up and anally pounded with my other half with her strap on. looking at her smiley face as we both come together

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    I'm going to be mildy soppy and sickening by saying that it would be some intense loving with the OH, as long as we were physically close that would be what mattered, sex or an embrace.

    Then when we found out the world wasn't going to end I'd have to go for some hardcore vaginal and anal impaling whilst using a vibrator and a multitude of ropes and ties.

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