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    because I can't get relief !

    OK - Used to being on my own but recently have been waking feeling very very horny - and this about 3 am !!

    Last week it was the worst it's ever been - I was very very arroused - every nerve was jingling and all my 'bits' were really throbbing and pulsating . I was very very wet [ not peed]. I sleep in the raw and accidentally touched my belly and nearly went through the roof with the reaction it triggered . I was absolutely desperate for relief BUT I couldn't get to orgasm. I really really neeeded to and couldn't.

    I've tried with a rabbit , and the big pink banana but I just can't climax with them .

    It used to take my husband a long time to get me to climax - long after him - it was only with very slow gentle determined clitoral stimulation, and I had to be at the wanting-to-pee-state for some time [ uncomfortable for me] before I could.

    It's hard for me to reach my clit - both arms are damaged and don't straighten and I'm a tad obese [ really very ] so getting there is almost impossible.

    Anyone got any ideas and suggestions - these last 3 months have not been fun

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    I'm so sorry you're feeling so frustrated, I don't know what to suggest. I have a Lovehoney magic wand, the mains one, and it's really, really powerful. I think you could get it into position and close your legs tight. I've also seen a little contraption you sit on and you stick the wand through a hole and it's totally hands free, that might work for you? Or how about vibrating knickers or a butterfly stimulator?

    You can see the magic wand with its seat if you type "magic wand love seat" into the search bar on YouTube.

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    I would have to recommend the LH magic wand (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=20464) It may be pricey but the reviews and ratings don't lie. It's intense, powerful and straight to the point, you'll get there in no time!

    The length of it will help you reach your clit as well, and there's plenty of little attachments for you to add so you can guarantee you won't get bored!

    Also, try out vibrating cockrings so you can get your "O" sooner during intercourse.

    Good luck!

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