• A little something I've been fantasising about lately...

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    Recently, I've reignited my submissive nature through visiting various tease an denial sites. I've always fantasised about being controlled in a ways - i.e. stripped of being independent, or in control in general.

    This is what lead me to a fantasy of having my computer activity controlled through blocking things that I should be denied priviledge, and feeling like my world centres more around the dominant figure within the scenario.

    The reason I think this would have such a powerful impact on my daily routine is because a majority of my time is spent on the Internet, this could be from checking my mail and news, to going on YouTube or looking up content relevant to my kinks.

    I know that there is a Google Chrome app called "Stay Focused", and a web security application called "K9 Web Protection" which could both easily fit this criterea, and have actually thought about looking for a dominant that would consensually try this form of control, but I just don't know. - (Links below)


    Is it strange for me to have a fantasy of being controlled in this manner?

    I feel it's a lot safer than being "completely" controlled - i.e. the tried and horribly trialed financial dominance, good in thought, but ridiculous in reality - yet also safe enough so that I can keep an emergency escape from web constrictions if the plan didn't work out.


    Links to get a better idea of what I'm thinking about....



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    dosent sound like a particularly strange fantasy in my opinion . not a fully usual one from what i can gather but not strange .

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    One of our submissives doesn't know the passwords to her email address or various other things online. So when she wants to read her emails, order something from Amazon, go on forums etc she has to come to our place and either me or my girlfriend access the account for her and let her do what she wants before she logs out again. It's kinda similar I guess, and I don't think it's a strange fantasy at all.

    Teamviewer is invaluable for this type of control.

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    Teamviewer is a brilliant bit of kit for this kind of stuff, that or acquiring a keylogger so you're being monitored by someone else.

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