• Men with gential piercings

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    Does anyone have any experiences with men with piercings down there, specifically Prince Albert piercings. My hubby doesn't have any other tatoo's or piercings but he has mentioned getting pierced down there a couple of times now and asked if I would mind if he got it done this weekend. To me they look ok and it's him tha'ts getting a needle stuck through down there so I'm probably ok with it but do they give any extra benefit for the female partner or is it just for his enjoyment. Anyone come across any problems?

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    problem a ) the time taken to heal DOES vary a lot . an old partner of mine got his P.A pierced two days after we got together , we hadnt had sex yet an it took WEEKS to fully heal so very very frustrating . b ) with the same ex he had SEVERAL rings in his scrotum , so when we WERE having sex , its sounded like santas sleigh aproaching . . . NOT very hot at all .

    THERE HAVE been a couple other guys ive been with with cock piercings but in all honesty , it dosent make sex any more pleasurable . one was awful in bed point blank and one was amazing ... he was still just as good when we had a rematch an he'd removed said piercing .

    so verdict is still out im afraid as to wether it makes the womans pleasure heightened for me ... WATCH OUT though , if giving head to a man with a cock ring and you have a tongue bar or ring .. ive never been fully stuck .. but theres been a couple iffy seconds where it was feeling awkward :/

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    I Don't know how true they are but i have heard some horror stories of women with fillings going down on a pierced guy. like i say don't kniw how tru but worth considering maybe!


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    never slept with a man that had a piercing down there but i dont like the look of them so the thought of having sex doesnt do much for me

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    I have never been with a guy with a piercing but, I do like the idea of the frenum ladder.

    Maybe I'll get a chance to experience them one day.

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