• Psychological Silence?

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    Me and my OH tried out gags yesterday for the first time in context of a scene (I'm the Dom and she's the sub) It was all good during the scene and we had a great deal of fun, but then after when we were having cuddle time she didn't talk. That's not to unusual, but even after nearly an hour she coudln't talk. I say 'couldn't' because she actually got a pen and paper and told me that it was as if she couldn't talk, and had lost her voice. She was fine once I had left and this morning when I saw her again, just a little quiet.

    I was wondering if anyone had any similar experineces, since it was a little concerning.

    She seemed fine appart from the silence, but I'm still slightly concerned

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    Tired talking to her a snuggle her and maybe the gentle approach .It may pass she may be just abosrbing the scene x

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    I think you should start to read into subspace and aftercare. You might find the 'penny drops'.

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