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    Why do I find anal so hard? It took me 10 years to have an orgasm I don't want to wait that long again before I can enjoy anal. Do you think anyone can do it or are some people just not capable of doing it comfortably?

    I am starting off on the back foot so to speak as due to my IBS I dont pass proper motions and don't have the natural stretch most people get.

    I have a few beginners toys which are around 3/4 inches circumference that I enjoy using. I've bought a few things bigger that that but I just don't seem to be able to move up.

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    anal takes time

    i have ibs but i dont find it to be an issue for myself but i dont push it if i have had a flare up

    the main advice i can give regarding anal and moving to bigger toys and thins is take your time you may find doing things slower helps also i find that im not much good with depth myself can be a little painful and the first sign of real pain will make you tense and you definetly shouldnt do it if its painful

    painful anal bad relaxed anal good

    i dont know how you go about starting your anal play but you may find that having a slight douche can set the mood and avoid any dirtiness if its not wanted i would say dont over douche because it can leave you a little raw inside and it gets rid of any natural lubrication that the anus has which is very little


    1 get your self in the mood for a play by relaxing and doing whatever gets you in the mood for fun

    2 have a little clean always kick starts my brain into knowing whats coming and helps me relax

    3have everything you need ready with you within reach stopping and starting isnt best it can overly irritate your anus

    4 lube lube lube plenty of lube when your just starting it is essential as you learn and play you start to know how much you enjoy and need

    5 take your time dont rush yourself a little acheing afterwards is nice but a sore bum isnt

    hope this helps

    to answer the question i think anyone is capable of enjoying anal its just a case of working with what you enjoy and learning and discovering how you like it

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    Time & lube is required and relax

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