• Condoms and foreskin

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    Genuine question - trying to get clued up before that daunting first time....

    How should an uncircumcised man put a condom on? Pull foreskin back and then put on (leaving it down) or pull foreskin back, put condom on and then pull foreskin back up again?

    Is there a right way? Is one more like to cause a problem? Either way, is the foreskin meant to move (inside the condom)?

    I only ask, as the instructions durex provide dont mention it...


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    I just put it on and the foreskin would pull back automatically, if you will. Dunno if that's right, but it feels fine!

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    Don't think there is a way you could possibly have your forskin up/on inside a condom. Think of it as sex without a condom, when you enter a woman your foreskin will automatically roll back. Everyones anatomy is different but I find when I have sex, as you get more excited there is no way my forskin is going back over the tip. For me its not like touching yourself, when you might slide your skin up and down over your penis head - when having sex I'm all down from the beginning and it will stay so. Condoms are so tight, so if your skin moves up and down, you have the wrong size. (some great condoms available here, check out the reviews) Good luck

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