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    As someone who doesn't own a TV, I generally don't think about what's going to be showing, yetr, often I miss out on some amazing sex realted shows. When given a heads up, I'm able to actually arrange to watch the show. Alternatively there are channel such as iplayer, which if I know what I'm searching for, I can watch a show at a later date.

    So I thought how great it would be to have a thread where people can keep us up to date with TV shows that make be of interest.

    Basically, all you need to do is the following:

    Date and time: Write the date and time it'll be showing.

    Channel: List the channel it'll be on.

    Title: The name of the show.

    Background: A quick sensatance about the shows topic.

    \I feel that this needs to be a thread where people only list shows, and that if a show was of particular interest, then starting a separate discussion thread would be best.

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    Date and Time - Weeknights 11pm

    Channel - Sky Livingit

    Title - Sexcetera

    Background - American based Magazine style show that looks at everything sex related, from brothels to balloon fetishs to porn award shows etc. It can be a bit cheesy, but some really interesting stuff too!

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    lol sexcetra, does make me giggle that show

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    As someone else who does not watch regular TV, does SKY have an equivalent of BBC's iplayer?

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    oh my, sexcetera. I haven't watched that for a long time!

    Also you can watch tv shows on a website called www.1channel.ch

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    rach74 wrote:

    lol sexcetra, does make me giggle that show

    The Sexy Ad show is also funny Rach74 :)

    Back to the original post! Just in case, you could always try http://tv.sky.com/tv-guide (other planners / digital packages are available...) and then doing a simple search by typing in 'sex'. It's what I usua... I mean it's what I've tried doing now :)

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