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    I have been on Lovehoney before and love their products and gained great advice before, I am in need of more advice as recently want to explore more feelings etc..

    A little about me..got married this March to my partner and we have been together 9 years prior, I just turned 28 and him 30. He has been the only ever sexual partner ever for me and we have had our ups and downs (a down being when I completely lost interest in sex for over a year a couple of years back). I am pleased to say that is no longer a problem but I have found my interests in sex developing and unsure now how to go further..

    In terms of development, I have always had fantasies on rough sex, slight choking and bondage...being a plus sized girl though has always held me back alittle (feelings of dont deserve it and in the past had trouble with orgasms). My husband is more than happy and accomodating and never complains - we both know what are definite no nos.

    I think I have always had a pretty submissive nature and where my curiosity lies is I know I am a sub in the bedroom but wonder whether to request and talk to my husband to take it further?

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    Hi welcome back :)

    If your husband and yourself are open about sex and the things you want, then I would just go for it . If you think he would be ok with it, surprise him with a bondage kit and ltell him that he's in charge, or even take turns of being sub/dom :)

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    Nothign wrong with being sub in the bedroom but it will work best if you talk to hubby. It sounds as though he will be up for it. Make sure you set your boundaries / safewords etc and start experimenting!

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    I recommend getting a starter kit, my OH and me got one a few years ago and break it out now and again to spice things up. They've discountined the one we bought but I think this one seems similar enough.


    It doesn't lead into anything hardcore and it's all pretty basic, we're not massively into doing the whole bondage but like I said, we break it out now and again and we both have a load of fun with it when we do! It's all about communication and knowing what you and your OH want and are willing to do

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