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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Tips needed I like to be clean shaven down below and get it waxed reguarly, but now its growing back patchy and in some places it barely grows back.

    Does anyone have any advice on ways you can clear the hair without shaving, as waxing seems a tad expensive now with such little hair growth?

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    I used some gel from here which slowed the growth of the hair down and that seemed to work and there is always hair removal creme if you want rid of it

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    This might sound a bit strange but did you consider a body groomer? I am a guy and I just got one after years of using a razor. Its brilliant, and since its designed for body grooming, the blades are gentle and incredibly powerful. It comes with a shaving attachment and a few trimming attachments. You probably wouldnt have use for the trimming attachment, so I will talk about the shaving one: It shaves all the hair right off and is as smooth as having shaved with a razor . Plus its waterproof, and once you get a hang of it you will be able to get it done in a matter of 1-2 minutes. I havent experienced any ingrown hairs/nicks/shaving bumps yet so Id say its a good bet. The one I use is designed for men, though I am sure it will work fine for women too. You could also look up body groomers for ladies. Personally, I have had women compliment on the smoothness of my skin after using the groomer so that could be an option if you dont want to wax.

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    Hello Lou

    The bad news, but the straight news is that nature is a right uncooperative bitch. Frankly, like penis enlargement most of the solutions that are sold are over-sold and either don't work at all or are at best temporary. That unfortunately includes even treatments that are a lot more expensive than waxing.

    Waxing and shaving and tweezing all fall into roughly the same category which either involves cutting the hair shaft at follicle level or ripping it out which may break it above or below the skin surface or may detach the hair at root level. None of these techniques will have any significant impact on the cycle of hair growth because they leave the dermal papilla unaffected and if it is unaffected it is always capable of generating a totally new hair.

    Electrolysis (diathermy, galvanic response, blend), Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Diode therapies all try to overcome this problem by transferring light and or heat energy to either incapacitate or destroy the dermal papilla. All these methods, as you will already know are time-consuming and/or expensive and have limited success to varying degrees on achieving what is intended. That is in part due to their actual ability to transfer enough energy into the dermal papilla to actually work and also because hair has a four-stage growth and renewal cycle that means all the papilla can't be targeted at the same time.

    The US FDA recognises professional electrolysis as being the only legitimate means to achieve permanent hair removal.

    That is probably not the answer you were hoping for. However, the only feasible answer, at present anyway, seems to either keep up the episodic waxing or look at some of these other techniques despite their expense. If you were to tot up the expense of frequent waxings over the years and compare that to, say, laser hair removal you might find that the long-term cost of the latter compared a bit more favourably as you would probably need to get it done less often and less frequently but if you ain't got the dosh up front you simply ain't got the dosh.

    Have a look at the following site for everything you ever wanted to know and maybe not know about hair removal:


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