• Another thread about shaving (Sorry!!)

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    I can't seem to find the exact thread I have read in the past.

    I shave my arms and legs every day usually, but find that my legs can be prone to getting cut, no matter how slow and steady I go. I also shave my pubic hair probably about once or twice a week, which is fine for me and I can get it reasonably smooth now.

    What I'm after is something to stop ingrown hairs, and also something to slow down or prevent regrowth. Also some tips on how to get the closest shave without my skin getting shredded up would be handy!!

    Thanks in advance :) x

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    I only shave my face and my oh but ... Always use a clean, sharp razor. If its clogged with hair or a little dull it will cut you sooner or later. Always use shaving cream or gel and always go with the grain of the hair. Going against the grain causes shaving rashes and ingrown hair.

    You could opt for a wax or epilator but you'll need some hair growth and it will probably hurt. I've heard the home kits are not good for beginners so seek a professional. Alternatively for legs and arms you could use a hair removal cream like veet - so long as you don't have sensetive skin (Take Care!).

    You could also look at photoepilation, electrology or laser removal if you're really serious!

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    Thanks very much :) I've actually got an exfoliator glove here somewhere so I'll give that a go :) xx

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    I've got some Nads ingrow solution which works pretty well. I still get some ingrown hairs but they're a lot better now. If I get a bad one I use some savlon on it and try to leave it alone.

    I find using shave gel instead of foam means that I cut myself less and don't use cheap blunt razors. Exfoliating helps to prevent ingrowing hairs too!

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    Has anyone tried one of the IPL systems? I quite fancy trying one but they're quite expensive and the reviews on Amazon seem to be quite polarized.

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    water based lube can be used as a shaving gel - and is kinder to skin than oil based formulas.

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