• Bi couple exploring

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    I guess this already exist somewhere on the forum but I'm new here and got some questions =)

    I'm mostly lesbian (counted in sexual partners) had a few men/boys before but this time I got a bisexual man!!

    He is so femenin both in mind and body that i cant help myself being the man, and now I really wanna take him.. so far he have been to shy to let me finger him. But now its been half a year. If he already decided to act like a woman I want him as a woman.

    We talked about sextoys and he really want to get the Weewibe wich sounded good for me to but now i secretly got a strap on aswell a smaller version for male female couple.

    I never taken anyone analy before what should I think about? is it any other bisexuall couple out there that tryed or any bisexual femenin man that have suggestions on how I can make it really nice for him? Only used strap on, on women earlier.


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    I can't give you any advice on this as its not something I've explored myself, however,mi don't think getting a strap on secretly is the best way to go. Half a year may seem a long time, and I don't doubt your care and love for each other, but something like this needs you both to sit down in a relaxed environment and be properly talked through to ensure you're both comfortable with what you're doing. If I secretly bought a strap on and presented it to my partner, I don't think hed be very happy if we hadn't discussed it thoroughly first, that's all.

    You have come to the right place to get some advice though and if you use the search function at the top of the page, I'm sure there might be some threads to give you some insight into this subject.

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    There are quite a few threads on this topic- you need to use the search term 'pegging'

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    ah well we already talked about sextoys and he is the one that suggested it but because hes been to shy I decided to give it time and wait a few months. I think my problem is to be maskulin enough when he is such a sweetheart. he really want me to be the man in bed and want more but I guess I just dont understand femenin men yet..

    thank you lilac, pegging!

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