• relax if no partner

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    It easy to feel frustrated if your on your own and single, most people have been at some point in time, going for the toys seems a bad thing for some single people which should not be their mind set,if it was we are all in trouble and feeling bad. I have talked to people and it has happened to me about asking some one to go out. Just take the bloody pluge if there is some one you like. somtimes you need to make a dick of your self time over time before it happens chin up love honeys and kick some ass!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good advice

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    Yes, there is an saying about old people only regretting the things they didn't do and not the things they did do. I have to say that I wish I had not been quite so cautious when I was young. One is always really worried about being thought silly or being laughed at by your friends if you get turned down by someone you fancy. However, as you go through life you inevitably make a fool of yourself endless times and you find it really doesn't matter. I sometimes wish I could go back to the late 60's and tell my young self this. It would have saved me much pointless angst.

    I used to reckon that drama at school was a big waste of time, however my youngest daughter took drama quite seriously and joined the local AmDram society. We all noticed that the effect on her self-confidence was amazing. She reckons that you make a fool of yourself in public so much while rehearsing and performing a play that by the time you have done a couple you don't give a monkey's what anyone thinks of you. So maybe this is the key - make an idiot of yourself as often as you can and get yourself free.
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    I agree.

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