• straight males into cross dressing

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    in a straight long term relationship, but worried by OH might freak out if I were to turn out in full make up wig stockings and suspenders.

    any sites with like minded folk?

    any advice to share from those whove been there?

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    I'd have a look on FetLife. Even if other fetish isn't your thing, there's quite a significant CD/TV population on there and you'll likely stumble upon some groups that should interest you. :)

    Good luck, hope you get to explore your fantasies x

    Zaquiel [sign in to see picture]
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    Just watch out for the tranny chasers on Fetlife though... the irritating -insert suitable derogatory expletive here-

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    Ive been tempted but been vanilla in my experiences only wearing panties and what not. Maybe one of these days

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    I like wearing my partners clothing im straight but its more to do with it being a turn on for me because she had been wearing it so its been in contact with her body and has her lovely scent.

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