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    read someones profile on here who mentioned they enjoy 'soiling' hotel rooms, lol

    have a few days away with the oh booked, any kinky experiences to inspire us?

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    I was a chamermaid when about 15-16 in a local hotel and some things I had to clean up were pretty...well....ewwwww....and also funny! One day I was working with my sister when about 14-14 and a gay couple had shared one room and kindly left their 'love'! splattered up the glass shower screens...MMMmmmmm just what we needed early morning and at such a young and innocent age!!!! No, it was funny and we both were like...flash spray and hot water!!! Seen a fair few sights having to clean up after people and it does make me chuckle! When OH and I went away (literally first night away together) we stayed at a holiday cottage and when the maids came in they saw all the used johnnies in the bin and the sex toys in the drawer..we heard them saying how gross it was.....little did they know we were stood outside!!! Hahaha..guess that was me getting my own back!

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