• Have you ever been caught?

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    Hi i was wondering if any of you have ever been caught having sex? if so when, where and who caught you?

    I was caught by my mum, havin sex with my hubby when we first started going out, and she banned us from going upstairs ( i was 17 but her house her rules) so instead we started going to hotels in manchester city centre which was a huge turn on to open the curtains and f**k in front of it, knowing someone could seen us

    SMC x

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    I caught my sister years ago. We'd been at a New Year's Eve house party and my bf and I decided to sneak back to my mum's for a quick session while my mum and dad were still partying. Unfortunately my sis and her bf got there before us and they were at it like rabbits on the living room floor in front of the fire. I suppose we could have joined them but I just backed out, red faced and left them to it.

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    Been caught by both of our mums!! I was on top when it was my mum & he was on top when it was his mum - embarassing, but they knew what we got upto anyway so I think they were more embarrassed for walking in on us, not been mentioned since haha

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    Was caught my an ex's brother once which was rather embarrassing & made things a bit awkward for a while but I think it was far worse for him than it was for us haha. Also been walked in on numerous times by some ex partners roommates. Thankfully I was never in too compromising a position so it was ok.

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    Me and my partner once decided to get down to the dirty in a local supermarket carpark just as it started to get dark.. next thing we know there were two police officers tapping at the windows! Apparently someone had noticed and got a little offended, either way it was a pretty hard one to explain!

    luckily they saw the funny side and let us off :P

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    Our bedroom is on ground floor of our house with a window out to the front.. Couple of times we've left the curtains open to everyone but dont think we've been caught yet but is quite a turn on knowing that any minute someone could walk past and glance in

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    Ground floor sex is great, isn't it?

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    Nearly got caught by the mother-in-law, we were living at there house upstairs at it when his mum knocked on the door my immediate reaction was to army roll down the side of the bed and hide, naked and curled up in a ball by the side of the bed... My hubby used his head and just pulled the covers over himself when his mum came in she told hubby my mum was on the phone and that the phone call was for me and not him... I reallyy thought I was going to have to stand up naked and take the phone from her hands.. Lucky after a few mins she gave the phone to hubby and disappeared!! I then had to explain to my mum what had happened and all she could do was laugh!!!

    Another time was down an alley in the middle of town, we don't get to go out much so decided after a few drinks we would go down an alley way!!! As my hubby pulled down m trousers and I excercised my mouth 2 guys walking toward us shouted 'oi' so i jumped up and did a runner while hubby was still trying to pull up his trousers. He managed to get round the corner and catch up with me before they caught up with us :) lol

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    got caught goin down on an ex and fucking them on another occasion. fortunately we were under the duvet both times so we just stopped till they went away lol

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    many times to name a few

    My OH sister caught us in the shower...

    when I was 15 my mum walked in on me and my then BF fucking we had bottle of baby oil and video camera out fun times (same BF his dad caught us doing blood play and fucking) and many more times with this bf

    and many more

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