• Anal sex for beginners!

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    Well, the thing is.. We've tried it and we want to try it more but it can be a little worrying as you might imagine (accidents wise)

    So we were wondering how others do it? do you just jump straight in or is there some preperation involoved?

    We did recently invest in a douche but to be honest we're not sure what the technique is with this and if its full proof?

    Any help and tips would be appreciated!

    Thanks :)

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    Here's a thread that might be worth having a look at :)



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    A douche only delivers about 150 ml in a shot and that is only going to fill the rectum - its not going to flush out the whole of your digestive tract as an enema might so there is no real problem with upsetting the bacteria in your gut. Use a basin full of luke-warm water to fill the douche from so that you don't end up using water that is too hot (as can happen if you fill it from the tap) and fill and expel about 6 or 8 times and your done. If you have a worry that you may not have expelled all the water just use the douche to put some air in and the subsequent flatulance will make sure (noisy but effective!)

    I finish by putting in about 2ml of silicone lube, then recline and think of England! The whole job is so quick you can do it 'on spec' in case things get interesting in that direction so you don't need to worry about it all being too planned. btw - a little silicone lube on the tip of the douche makes it easy and comfortable to insert.
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    Great advice, thanks!

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    If you're really going to go for a serious session of anal sex take half an hour to prepare.

    Douche half a dozen times, leave for ten mins, douce half a dozen times, leave for ten mins. In between breaks insert a medium size vibrating butt plug. This will loosen up anything left in the lower intestine. Then do another 6 squirts, 10 mins, vib plug, then finally 6 squirts, vibe plug. Bingo, you will be able to go at it totally free of any matter.

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    Apologies to jump on the back (pardon the pun) of this but seemed like the thread to post on.

    Have dabbled a bit in the anal area and recently purchased some glass dildos - lovely, but have spooked the man as have been keeping them in the freezer!!

    Urban myth or reality - he seems to think that using them straight from the freezer in the anal area will probably Kill a man!! Something about using an ice cube in the anus causes fatal consequences!?!???

    Not something I've heard but is it a problem to use the dildos whilst soooo cold on a male or female??

    Cham xx

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