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    Ok so I mentioned this in another thread and I didn't want to hijack the original....

    Wife and I are getting more into sex now especially after Fifty Shades ( we're one of the success stories )

    Only tried anal once about 16-17 years ago when we were dating basically because it was probably her time of the month and we were both gagging for it !

    Anyway, since we're experimenting a lot more recently, I thought while in the throws of mid orgasm that I'd test the water again.... Quickly got shot down as she dismissed the idea altogether but with no explanation as to why. Now obviously I don't mind if we do or don't but really want her to at least try it once more.... Any ideas on how to approach the subject ?

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    First of all, don't try it in the throes of sex! It's not like you can just lash it in there and go for it, anal needs a LOT of preparation, physically and mentally.

    Talk to your wife about it outside of the bedroom, detached from sex of any sort... that way you can have a calm & rational discussion about it without anyone feeling put upon, or rejected.

    Once you get her consent to try, the real work begins. You'll need lots of lube, some toys and plenty of patience. Getting your partner turned on -- even giving her a few orgasms first -- will help relax her, then you can start to play with her ass with a well-lubed little finger. Then you can move on to bigger fingers, then toys, and finally your cock -- but not necessarily all in the one session! It might take a few days, weeks even, for your wife to feel ready for full pentration.

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    Really good advice from shellyboo!

    stamford [sign in to see picture]
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    Sorry I did mean to add that I would try with a finger first, I wouldn't just lash it in there as you so eloquently put it ;-) lol

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