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    Usually I can make my girlfriend squirt when she is extremely aroused by massaging her G Spot with my fingers. Until recently I assumed that was the only way.

    After a nice shower together we proceeded to the bedroom where she performed oral sex on me for about 10 minutes. Next it was my turn. My usual technique would be to altenate between licking & fingering, this time I decided to try something new. Using only my mouth, I licked & teased her & when she was lost in pleasure I steppd it up & sucked her clit into my mouth. Aswell as sucking I continued to flick it with my tongue.
    She only lasted another minute before squirting without me even penetrating her (possible I know but new to us both)!

    I'll leave the rest to your imagination ;)
    Do you guys/ladies have any stories of your own, or techniques you would like to share?

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    Noone hmm :P

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    or a little less blunt and more welcoming version would be...........

    hi and welcome to lovehoney forums, i realise you are new to the site and just a little heads up if you are thinking of starting a thread just to have a search to see if there is already a thread going that would possibly answer your question. you could then respond on that thread which would then bring this particular thread back to the top of the discussion board and continue that discussion..

    enjoy ur time on the forum and hope like most u have fun..

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