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    Hi all

    Ive been with my OH for 14 years and would like to know of some new ideas to spice things up a bit more.

    Were into bondage and more recently anal, however with the bondage if im being the dom I cant seem to think of things to do

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated xx

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    Sometimes just tying up and some full on x

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    If I need new ideas I go watch some free porn on the internet and pick up some ideas from there, or read some erotic fiction just pick the BDSM section.

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    I'd suggest coming up with some scenarios together so that you have a character to stick to. For example, is your OH being punished for something? Or are you trying to get a piece of information from them? Adding an element of fantasy/roleplay can help you to gain confidence in the role and is a good way to come up with ideas.

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    only time i have been any good at Doming my partner (im usualy sub) was when he asked to see if the girls outside the window were hot...i tied him up, slapped him accross the face (a little too hard :/) then shuved a buttplug in his ass and used a stroker on him (after adding some clit stim balm- it burns him)...then i tickled him till he begged for mircy!

    i curently want more vanila and more kink but then im a gready bitch and if i had it my way there would be an extra hourer in the day and day in the week to fit it all in

    that said why dont you read some eroticfiction together and see what happens. i also gfind that Kink.com has a lot of ideas- dont try upsidedown on a chir though as all you can concentrate on is the loss of circulation in your feet, but apart from that one dairing new positions can be just as much fun as a new toy.

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    Laceandglitter offers a good idea - watch porn.

    try Xhamster.com or dominationtube.com

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