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    My Fiancee is in the army and is currently posted in afghanistan, any ideas to keep the spice going between us while hes away? we already send sexy pics and letters but its getting a bit boring.........Discuss.........

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    I am in very long distance relationship. Skype is the solution for us. Sometimes just talking about day to day things, but we do use it also for a sex talks. Its really really turn on to hear the other moans while masturbating. So basically a bit of masturbation together, telling each other what we would do to each other, sometimes watching porn together. other times, its just us, telling the other what we would do. While playing with our bodies. He also sometimes orders me which toy I should use.

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    I was in a long distance relationship for a year when my partner went away to Australia. SKype is definitely the answer. Webcams work a treat and it probably saved our relationship. You can watch and hear each other. Even doing things like sending each other surprise presents can help a bit as well. Things like cock rings are small and discreet enough to send.

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    cheers for the advice guys, we've had a go at cyber sex and it really helped and felt good to do something different! and some sexy gifts are a great idea :-)

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