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    Bit of info about me, I am 18 and still a virgin! I have CFS/ME and missed alot of school so I never did that boyfriend/girlfriend/dissapointing sexual experience thing that most people go through when they're younger [moderator edit] so.

    I am going to uni this year and hoping my sex life will pick up and I want to know if blokes find the idea of there girl friend being a virgin attractive, weird or just scary?

    Thanks for any help


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    My daughter was home educated and so she like you missed a lot of school.

    Be careful in your choice and circle of friends, my daughter got in with a bad crowd, because she hadnt done the school thing she wasnt very street wise and to remein popular was led astray.

    Ive never slept with a virgin so have no experience most guys I would think like the idea......make sure you have a sympathetic boyfriend and take your time would be my advice but the ladies here are more qualified in that dept. have fun and dont let it get in the way of your studies

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    To me it would not matter either way, if I liked you and we got on well then that is all i would be bothered about, being a virgin at 18 is something i would respect in a person and knowing you was a virgin would mean i would try to make your first encounter with sex a pleasureable and enjoyable one, i was a late starter and now i can't get enough.

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    From a women's view I wouldnt imagine it a problem or strange thing

    However when you do decide is the right time for you just take it slowly an don't feel pressured into sleeping with someone because they say they love you or anything cuz if they do they will wait till you are ready


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    Oh BTW I was still a virgin at 18 its no shame

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    I'm not a guy but I was a virgin right up until this year, now being 19, and I only really started working the sex scene when I got to uni. My sex life picked up considerably, just be careful who you trust. As for the guy who took my virginity, he tells me it turned him on, and that he didn't mind that I was inexperienced.

    Don't be ashamed, and make sure you're comfortable with the person you choose. :D

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    Thanks so much, for all your help made me feel so much better :D

    Dont worry I have never been pushed into anything in my life so Im not going to start with somthing this important

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    To me this is no issue at all, being a virgin at 18 is admired. Too many people rush into sex at a young age just to be "cool". Take your time and don't let it hold you back, most people at 18 are still inexperienced so don't feel that you will be inferior to others who may have had a few drunken encounters that they most likely wouldn't of remebered to draw any experience from. Good luck in your studies, you will have a ball at uni.

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    I was a virgin until I was 22 and at uni, I had done the whole school thing and gone to uni. I lost my virginity to my Uni gf and have asked her what she thought about me being a virgin at the time, she said that she was surprised but didn't find it scary or weird. As a bloke I wouldn't find it weird to have a gf who was a virgin, in my view everyone has to be one at some point in their life, although maybe I'm a bit biased about that. I'm now engaged to my uni gf, we have an amazing sex life and look forward all our sexual exploits.

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    i think its a turn on for most guys to pop someones cherry. n i was 18 when i lost my virginity. nothing to be embarrassed about. just made sure its what you want to do n with someone you like etc. hope you have fun at uni.

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    I wouldn't say it was weird or scary at all, quite respectable to be honest! Too many people these days just do it for the sake of it.

    Have fun at university, I'm starting this September too.


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    sweetie consider the possibility he may be a virgin too and much more anxious than you are

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    Hey, I'm not a guy but my situation may have some relevance. My current partner met me when I was 21 and a virgin. He was pleasantly surprised by that fact and felt special being my first and only. I think that generally guys think like this. (And btw, if he thinks it's weird or scary- that says more about him as a person than anything!)

    Just go with the flow and don't think there is a "normal" to go by. Just go at your pace. =]

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    I find it amazing, our society keeps banging on about teenage pregnancy and all that jazz, its so nice to know I'm not the only one who has waited Im not along YAY!!!

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    guys shouldn't be too freaked out. it not a bad thing at all hun( i lost my virginity at 25)


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    sweetie i didnt wait i was too much of a prat to chat a girl up

    teenage girls are at the height of their fertility they can and do get preggers the first time. Guys used to joke that girl could get pregnant standing downwind of a group of boys.....which is another point, make sure its safe and you wont get preggers. While lots of young people do have sex early (probably too early) you are by no means unusual.

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    I was 22 before I lost my virginity, so please don't worry about it!

    All I'd say is that when you find the right person, it won't matter to them whether you're a virgin or not. Of course this is me assuming you're going to have sex with a proper partner and not a one night stand or a friend with benefits. There's nothing wrong with that if that's what you want to go for, but just remember that because many people have a bad, awkward experience of their first time doesn't mean that you shouldn't be taking your comfort into account. Make sure you do it right, whatever you consider right to be and be safe. :)

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    Me and My Boy were both virgins when we met, I was 18, he was 19, which is pretty "late" where we live. Both before and after we had sex we were always open and honest about being safe, not rushing, etc. I think it made it all the more special that we could share everything together for the first time, even now, after 4.5 years together, we still enjoy experiencing new things.

    As others have said, if you meet someone who finds it weird or scary, he's probably not the right guy!

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    I didn't lose my virginity until I was 29. That might seem weird to many, but it was just a product of circumstances -- I was very shy and didn't get any meaningful opportunities before then. I probably could have lost it earlier in an anonymous fumble at a drunken party, but I'm rather glad that I didn't, even though I felt really down and desperate at times.

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