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    This post is basically sharing my recent experience of a Bluebella party and mine and my friends thoughts and ideas on how it can be improved.

    I recently went to a Bluebella party held by my friend, I was really looking forward to the evening and finally getting to look at some of the products in real life after seeing them online and generally get an idea about the products.

    There was a rail with quiet a small selection of items, a couple of dress up items, couple of undies, a corset, tutu and a couple of nightwear items. On the table there was a few toys and lubes and we was all given a BlueBella brochure.

    The items of clothing and underwear, I and many others felt were over priced, we couldn’t understand how the company could sell the corset for £58 yet if we was to host the party get it for just £12 as a hostess gift (which the lady who worked for Bluebella didn’t make clear till after a lot of questioning was only £12 if the party sold over £200 worth of goods).

    The sizing we also found wasn’t consistent but that could be down to the fact the lady who worked for Bluebella kept stretching things to show how far they could fit someone (there was a few big ladies in the group), which obviously doesn’t do the products very good if she is doing this at all her parties. The sale section of the rail was tiny and wasn’t much of a sale with only about a fiver being knocked off the price.

    Now moving on to the toys, there wasn’t much selection and some seemed to have a marked up price compared to how much they sell for, from here. There wasn’t anything like massage lotions, candle, games ect ect which would have been nice to have a look at.

    There wasn’t many games and there was no raffles, just a Bluebella lottery which was £2 a number.

    Of the two games we did play only one game was there prizes, which was a basic cock ring and a trial size lube which some felt wasn’t a fab prize considering it was a ladies night winning something like a small bullet vibe or the basic finger ring would have been better as it would have been something for us not for our partners or much use if your a single lady.

    We all felt it would have been nicer to have more chance at winning items, having a few more party games and there being a raffle with a few draws.

    Over all we was all quiet disappointed with this part of the night and I don’t think anyone placed an order with Bluebella, many of the ladies was saying how better the Ann Summers parties are and I have to agree the Ann Summers party I went to was much better with there items being of the same and some times better quality for quiet a lot less money compared to Bluebella, plus more verity of clothing, underwear and toys. They also do a lot more games and raffles compared to the Bluebella.

    1) Have a larger variety of display items, both on the rail (underwear, clothing ect) and on the table (toys, books, games, lubes, lotions and potions, candles, ect).

    2) Pricing was quiet a huge thing for all of as, as a competitor has similar items for better prices and in our opinion Bluebella and Ann Summers are of similar quality with Ann Summers being slightly better quality in some items (an example the material and make of the police women’s outfit).

    3) More games and raffles these things along with the people really make the night and we had the people just not enough of the games and raffles.

    4) Make things like hostess gifts clearer as to how you get them/what you have to do to get them. As from what we all made out from the start you got things for simply having the party not that the party had to sell X amount first.

    I think if the above can be addressed and changed it would get repeat bookings and get bigger like the ann summers rivals but for now its left around 25 women un-impressed. :(

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    I would assume the games/raffles were an idea of the person running the party, rather than the actual company, so that would be something that you would need to talk to the rep about.

    I understand a rep gets a basic package for show, other items would need to be purchased, so maybe it's an idea for bluebelle to supply a wider range of products?

    Again, the hostess gift, I would assume, would be down to the rep again, rather than the company.

    I am not answering on behalf of lh but as a rep for a big company myself, the above I have written about, is what I would have to do myself to gain custom, if that makes sense.

    Fab feed back though x

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    hi : )

    we all thought games and raffles were pretty standard things at these types of parties and between all of us they had been to many before, and some of them used to be ann summers reps and said that they was told about game ideas ect ect when they had meetings with the others reps ect, so we all assumed it would be the same with the Bluebella.

    yup i agree, that if they are given a basic package then more items need to be added to it there just wasnt much verity and it all seemed samey to be honest and a little bit boring- esp on the toy side of things.

    the hostess gift left a lot of us confused, she said she had leaflets detailing about the hostess gifts and as it was a bluebella item we assumed this is down to bluebella but we was all left confused over the hostess gifts/perks and that needs to be cleared up, i know with ann summers its something like you get 2 party bookings you get a free baby doll and you make 10% commission on all sales, where as with the bluebella, the host got given a bottle of wine, box of chocolates i think it was and a a cheap adult novelty item, then there was the question mark hanging over the £12 corset all night and also not clear on if you make any commission or what the deal is. it just seemed like it wasnt al pulled together very well and left folks not knowing where they stand where with the ann summers its all clear cut.

    i just thought it be nice to leave some feed back, and maybe help improve things :)

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    Hi The Inspector,

    Thanks for your feedback and I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great time at your party.

    BlueBella is a completely separate company to Lovehoney although they do stock some Lovehoney products.

    I'll ask the Lovehoney contact who deals with the stock for BlueBella to email you and we can then pass on any further feedback you have for the company and the particular party organiser.


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    hi steve

    thats cool : ) be happy to tell them my expeicnces, the first i heard about bluebella was from lovehoney as you started to sell there items : )

    we still had a good night, the other guests made that :D

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    Hi The Inspector,

    I am BlueBella's contact here at Lovehoney and I deal with buying and selling their stock.

    I am very sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your time at a BlueBella party the other night and will gladly pass your comments on, to help make BlueBella party's bigger and better.

    The main aim of a BlueBella Party is is to give every woman the means to confidently enjoy her sensuality so I am very sorry that it sounds like on this occasion BlueBella wasn't successful in this.

    If you would like I can pass the BlueBella Customer Care team your contact details today, as they would be really interested to hear more information about the night so that your BB consultant can have be given more training if required.

    Thanks again for your feedback and I hope that with your experiences we can make sure that, that consultant is given the help she may need to become a great party planner.


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    I have a friend who's started doing bluebella, I took one look at the catalogue and decided nothing would really fit me and everything was far above my price range so I never ever bothered going. I have in general though, those kinds of parties lack stock, if you're bigger than a c cup there's usually nothing to try on, even the plus sized products don't seem to go above a D cup unless you're paying silly money. The games and stuff are down to the individual, I went to an ann summers party before where the host played some great games but half the guests were miserable and didn't want to join in so she gave up in the end. I wish there was someone who did parties at prices I can actually afford as a student and sizes that actually fitted!

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