• I love this site

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    Great for inspiration. :D I would say some of my favorites are the lunges, crab, acrobat, asian cow girl, ben dover, pearl gates, bull dog, deckchair, sissors, cross- lots of them some of those exotic ones look pretty impossible though.

    Anyone see something they want to try but haven't, or one of their favorites they never had a name for?

    I remember the first time I did pearly gates, the guy obviously knew what he was doing and I was thinking WTF? but I was hooked. It doesn't seem to be a common one though, I get some suprised or confused looks when I request it.

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    I luv that site cant wait to try them ALL i have always been greedy ....

    The ones i gonna try when my husband wakes up are the ben over,bull dog and pearl gates.

    Thats my mission if he accepts this morning before work !


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    lucky guy i hope he behaves to your commands xx

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    Have to try and wake him first

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    OMG - i never knew there were so many! Some of them are definitely a no, no, unless my hubby wants a broken back lol

    Shall have to try a few more definitely!!

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