• lovehoneys recycle scheme, does it have to be a rabbit?

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    Do you have to get a rabbit back?

    I find rabbits do nothing for me ( although I have no problem with the fluffy 4 pawed variety)

    any chance of expanding it to get Oh points or a half price voucher for a product of your choice??

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    Riiight, this might possibly be more of an email question, but I kinda like knowing that someone else might benefit from my irritating questions. =) This might turn into kinda a convoluted journey, so I hope you enjoy the ride. =)

    Aaaanyway, I really need to have a clean out of my toys, and Lovehoney is really the only way I am going to recycle them. I have six or seven toys i'd like to get rid off, however, there are a couple of oddities.

    A) two of the toys (I think) are not mechanical, would it still be possible to return these for recycling with the vibes?

    B) I'm really not fussed about getting any sort of deal out of the recyling because i'm going to be cheeky with point C, so would I still be sending it to the rabbit amnesty?

    C) One of the vibes was quite expensive for me, and in a happy, ideal world i'd really like to get a refund on that one toy, so would it be possible to send all the other toys along to the return with it, since I know the returns get recycled anyway and I wouldn't be fussed about getting a deal if I got the refund? Would save having to send off two different parcels. =)

    Sorry for being a pain, but i've not been sending them cause I haven't been sure, and even if it's not possible to get the refund on the one toy i'd still like to get shot of them.

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    Sounds complicated Pixieking - I suggest you contact Customer Care directly so they can discuss your options.

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    I thought it might be a bit iffy. =) I'll fire off an E-Mail tishnow.

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