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    hey everyone, ive been reading pretty much all of the posts regarding pain related problems because it sounds so familiar to what i suffer with. but i have not been to see anyone about it lately as i just get fobbed off.

    let me start from the beginning, i lost my virginity at 17, id never done anything sexual beforehand, im now 20, i have been with my current partner for 2 and a half years, before him, i didnt have any problems regarding pain etc. when we started to have intercourse, about 2-3 weeks in, i was rushed to hospital in excrutiating pain, where i passed out 2-3 times thru the pain, well i was currently spending the week with my OH and were at it like rabbits. the paramedic on the ambulance actually asked if we'd been at it like rabbits, so she might have had an incling as to what it was, but by that time i was off my face on gas n air so didnt understand what everyone was saying. the pain was down below, like deep inside, harsh pain, and around the vaginal opening, urethra and my clit. could sometimes feel itchy but not be itchy?! but also in my lower back on both sides, my lower back was also swollen. eventually after spending a ridiculous amount of time in a n e waiting for pain killers, they said that it was a kidney infection. so they gave me a course of drugs to take and sent me on my way. but they were shocked as they said i was the youngest case theyd had with one...

    but since then (june 2009) ive pretty much constantly been in pain. the same pain.

    ive had health problems with the pill and came off it i feb of this year, i now suffer from clustered migraines because of it. me n the OH have been to family planning and doctors about the pain. only thing i get told is take paracetomol (my dr's favourite word) and im not drinking enough, (as i tend to suffer from uti's aswell...unless its this?) but even when i drink bombloads it still hurts. if i drink water i feel sick. sex is painful 99.9% of the time. sometimes it relieves the pain for a while. ive also considered it to be because of shaving?! maybe its irritation, as im allergic to nickle aswell. it might of been thrush, but i have no white 'residue', i dont think i have an std, but it could be so many things...

    oh and sometimes i can get more pain around my time of the month.

    sorry to babble, ive tried to summerise everything as best i could.

    any advice, me and the OH would be extremely grateful!

    butters x

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    thank you for replying.

    okay, ive started to worry just a lil bit more aha i did forget to mention that i get pain in my stomach and family planning said it was my ovaries twitching.

    ive just showed my OH your response and weve just arranged to go to the family planning clinic on tuesday to just see, im not gunna bother with my doctor as he as the one that messed me about and made my problems worse when i was on the pill,

    i dont know if its worth mentioning but my last two periods havent been normal either, firstly it only lasted one day and the one i just had lasted all of two days, whereas i usually last 5-10, it varies, ive never been regular but its just strange, were going to get a pregnancy test tomorrow to rule that out.

    thank you for the advice A_A! ill try keep you updated after the next couple of days

    butters xxx

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    As always, the default advice is "go see a professional", in this case the Gynae sounds perfect, especially since you've had such bad luck with your GP (It happens, unfortunately).

    Long-term, perhaps a different GP would help, although you have to weigh up the possible increased confidence in their diagnosis against the inconvenience of perhaps having to travel a little further to see them.

    Good luck getting it sorted out.


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    Heya again!

    A_A i promised id keep you updated! sorry its been a while longer than i said, been really busy!

    I went to family planning with the OH last thursday. but it was 'CLOSED DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES' ...

    i did a pregnancy test this morning...well i did 3...just to make sure like.

    so i went to go see my doctor this morning, luckily it wasnt the paracetomol one! lol anyhu, he asked sooo many questions and felt my stomach, and family history and blah blah blah, thank god he didnt look at my foofoo aha (ive told the OH he'll have to become a midwife when we have kids cuz hes the only allowed down there aha) but he wants me to have a few blood tests done to check my blood sugar and thyroid,, as ive gained alot of weight yet i havent got an apetite and dont eat much. and hes booked me in for a scan to check my ovaries, just waiting for an appointment to come thru the post.

    so thats where im up to :)

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    Oh and ive sent off for a chlamydia test just to rule that out

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