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    Over the last two nights I've had this dream that has completely turned me on. Now just to put it into context, I remember very few dreams ever of any kind.

    I walk into my bedroom and there on the corner of the bed stood completely naked is my wife. She's a stunning size 8 with a body that sends me crazy with desire and lust. She pulls me over and I'm naked too. She pulls my head to her neck and grips me tight so I cannot escape. She grabs my now swollen manhood and really roughly starts to masturbate me, aiming my cock at her pussy. As she roughly plays with me she is completely in control ordering me to "come all over my c**t"(apologies!!!) and "do it to me now" and "come for me".

    Then I wake......

    Now my wife never speaks like that. In fact I love it when she talks sex during sex...but it's a real rare thing. She's never, nor has anyone else, ever treated me like that. I don't watch porn like that (plenty of other though!)

    So where the hell did that come from.

    Oh and boy I hope she does it.

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    Hi, sounds like a hot dream you had!

    Dreams often have hidden meanings, and are not just to excite or scare us. I think maybe it's your subconscious sending subliminal messages to you that say that perhaps you want more assertiveness in your sexual relationship, be it you being more assertive or your wife (I'm assuming it's your wife you want to be more assertive judging by your dream?). It sounds to me as though it may be a fantasy that you may or may not have already recognised that reveals either you or your wife (maybe even both of you) like to be dominated or would maybe like to introduce it?

    I wouldn't worry if you wife doesn't normally act or speak like this, this is why we have fantasies. My oh is very gentle and caring in bed but I love him to be dominant and he knows this, but it's a side of him he's not used to showing or being. He, like me, also likes the same. Sometimes it's a fight of who gets to be the dom. lol.Sometimes you just want to be fucked good and hard right this moment rather than always slow, gentle, intimate love making!

    I'd would tell her about your dream, she may hate it, but then it was just a dream, and if it was my idea of hell, it wouldn't be a big deal as it was all in your head and can be left just there, and knowing my oh, he respects my boundaries if I say there's something I wouldn't like the idea of or consider. But, then again she may love the sound of it and be turned on by it, and you never know she may make it become a reality? Tell her also you'd love her to speak more during sex, she may feel uncomfortable by this, as would I, but tell her she doesn't need to start saying anything obscene or ludicris, maybe just start with some teasing flirtation.

    I also think that maybe this dream shows the aspect that whilst you adore your wife in her physique and I no doubt her personality, that you also want to feel the same and so desired in the way you desire her. This dream of her pulling you close and her talking dirty to you in such way, shows that you crave or want to feel more desired. You may already do, and she may already make you feel like a king, but it's always nice for feeling like this to be reaffirmed in such cases as what happened in your dream.

    I hope this has helped.

    have fun!



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    I am in it with Ronnie-baby! She's said it all too well, hence no need to elaborate.

    Now go and tell your wife and see what happens.

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    I'd be landed if a fella told me they had a stinking naughty dream about me even if its dirty talk like that. Go on tell her if i was you, she might've been dreaming the same thing !

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