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    I was talking to my girlfriend about some things i would of loved to come true like fantasy ones,Ive got quite alot but without me saying anything she said i could carry out that one for you even though im with you we could still pretened ive just seen you.

    So what is it??Well i was telling her how sexy it would be if i got chatting to some nice lady in a pub and we got on enought to have some fun flirty type of fun,Then i would bump into her again in a club and as you do would go over to her and chat and have fun,We may kiss or just be firty without kissing maybe cuddles hands on legs or near our private parts,Then maybe she would come out saying god im horny im wet things like that,Then i could whisper in her ear saying if im the one making you horny and wet then i would love to feel it maybe she would say what do you mean i would then say something like well if your knickers is a bit wet you could be sneaky and take them off and slip them in my pocket and i could feel them.

    Then when they were in my pocket i could whisper to her again and ask if i could wear them.

    So in shorter basic words:I would love to meet a nice lady in a pub/club and wear her worn underwear.

    Am i a weird freaky person no thats just my fetish fantasy.

    I told my girlfriend dont worry thats only my little fantasy if i was single,She said hun i know you wouldn't do that while we are together,I then said to her how i now wished i had asked you that same question when i first started talking to her as we had first started chatting to each other in out local pub,She did say well we were pretty drunk those first few times we got to know each other,I might of been cool with that and she said and now i know you like wearing my underwear i would do that for you,I said really dam i should of asked... then she said hun how about us doing it and pretending we dont know each other i said yea....that would be fun i said to her how would you/we do this???

    She then said i have a think as it sounds fun and naughty,Later on she said she has thought of a good way:

    She said why dont me and you go out of our home town for a night out so we wont see any of our mates just the two of us but this will be a bit different,We can get to the place seperate so we dont see each other untill we bump into each other in a pub that way we are not going to know what each of us are wearing and it will be like when we first saw each other in our loca publ,What we can do is to go into different pubs then it will be a surprize when we bump into each other we could text to say if we are in the same pub well we can figure out how we can set up the meet near the time,And then we can bump into each other again in the club.

    I told her thats a great idea and sounds fun just like its our first time together

    I cant belive she is going to do this for me i feel soso lucky but what i cant belive is how she was the one who said about it i was just telling her some of the things i have in my mind.

    My thoughts are all over the place in what she will be wearing and what underwear she will be wearing,She said honey you know the good thing about this? i said well apart from you being so understanding about my panty fetish she laughed and said well apart from that she said well i can guarantee that ill be wet when we are chatting and flirting so come the time in the club you are going to get my wet underwear. I had such a big when she said that.

    We just have to work out how we will get back home i guess taxi would be best i even have some ideas of my own about the taxi dropping us off,I hope when this happens i/we dont get the giggles when we first meet in the pub. Its also going to be weird going to pubs and a club on my own normally we go out with out mates then when we get to a club we may split off in the club and mingle with other people.

    So then what do you think of us doing this? do you think it will work out right i cant see why not?

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    Lol, sounds great to me. Anything experimental, or even just different from the routine is always good to shake things up a bit, and personally I think it's great that you're in a relationship with someone you can not only talk to about fantasies, but is open minded enough to act on them.

    Go Wildjezz!

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    Thanks Shaft you wouldn't belive our relationship is still new well actually would you say its new just over a year,First of it started as a bit of fun but things got more serious with us,This is why i have only told her about my panty fetish not long ago nothing like a wedding do to bring out the naughty side of you lol and now we have started to explore toys together.

    I didn't really want to bring up my naughty side to early because it was just fun to be with her.

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    We did this one night at a hotel...we met in the bar after arriving at the hotel seperatly and got chatting..took us back to when we 1st met and we had an amazing night.

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    Yea i can see how that would be nice for you the idea of doing that in a hotel is good but doing because you first met in there sounds great.

    We talked for ages last night before we went to sleep her idea seems soso much fun its just going to be like how i would of asked her when i first met her in the pub,What she was wearing was super sexy to me,I know each time i saw her in the pub i allways thought how sexy she was looking at the next thing in my mind was what underwear she was wearing.

    I said to her last night if we get a taxi home afterwards i could get dropped off further up the road like we were not living together and meet up somewehere quite so we can have a nice talk a cuddle before we walked home together,She said she liked that idea but maybe we might think of something better to do when we walk out of the nightclub.

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