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    Guys I was hoping that you would be able to help me.

    I am getting married soon and I desperately love my soon to be wife.

    We have have a fantastic sex life at the moment, we both make each other very happy and god she makes me feel good. We have kept each other more that satafied for years.

    I am worried about the first night of the rest of our lives, and want it to be great, if not better!. Feeling the pressure of the first night as man and wife so to speak.

    Any tips? Am I just thinking about this to much?

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    Hi Armidilo,

    Congratulations on your up coming wedding, it will be the most amazing day of your life. It will also be the most tiring and the fastest few hrs of your life.

    Do you know what we did on our wedding night, in our beautiful hotel room in our kingside four poster bed? Slept. It was F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S as grumpy of strictly coming dancing might say.

    Seriously though, don't worry about it too much, if you try to expect it to be something out of this world you may be disappointed if it is only 'average' (it wont be by the way, whatever you 'do' will be perfect, whether that's have mind blowing sex or just watch TV ). Just see what happens, maybe have a few toys or sexy undies at the ready, whatever you know works. In the grand scheme of things that first night doesn't mean too much, its the next sixty or so years of nights that will.

    Have an amazing day, and enjoy every second, it goes so, so quickly

    Banana x

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    ^^ this

    agree 100%


    CurlyCoupleWife [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Armidilo,

    Welcome to the forum & congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

    Your wedding is likely to be a really tiring day for both of you (wedding dresses are really heavy).

    I'd recommend kissy, cuddly, lovey-dovey sex - you can do the more adventurous stuff another night.

    Have a wonderful day, a loving night & a long & happy life together

    CCW x

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    I say like others take the pressure off yourself right now. I can't tell you how exhausting your wedding day will be.

    Personally just me but, like the day, I'd keep the sex intimate. Unless your love making routinely features toys , lubes and so on I'd just make it the two of you and nothing more. Your wedding night isn't the night to start bringing in new things.

    I think we had a lovely bubble bath with a bottle of bubbly and some very short but lovely oral sex.

    If you're drinking all day ( you'll be lucky to have the time ) you've got to factor this into the fatigue and 'performance' too.

    You've been having great sex all this time and no doubt will continue to have. Perhaps joke about 'now that we're married should we....'

    Have a brilliant day!

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    i saved all my naughty underwear for the honeymoon, got married last year and we did make love the wedding night but was nothing out of this world, the day is very tiring and stressfull and yes wearing the wedding dress all day is heavy

    you will have plenty of time on honeymoon when you are both more relaxed to have more special intimate lovemaking times

    MrsJade [sign in to see picture]
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    ^What they said! You'll both be knackered by the end of it (and possibly drunk?) so try not to think about it too much...if you're going on honeymoon you'll have that time to make up for it!

    Going on what BigPoppa said; don't bring anything new to the party, or think that it's the night to start with rose petals/candles/romantic stuff if it's not what you normally do.

    Personally, spending the day surrounded by my new In-Laws, doing all the vows etc didn't really put me in a horny mood so I was sort of thankful that we were both too tired to do anything but hug!

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    My husband and I didn't have sex on our wedding night, because we were too tired/drunk! We left for our honeymoon the next morning and that night we did have sex at the hotel but to be honest it was quite average and nothing special, and it was kind of just for the sake of it, getting that 'first time as a married couple' thing out of the way! I think if you worry too much about making it 'special' it can put too much pressure on yourself, and when you're planning a wedding you have so many things to think about, there's no point adding to that! :)

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