• How can play the prey to my hunter

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    Hi I need some advice on how to I get my partner to initiate sex, he knows I'm keen and I think that puts him off. I feel he likes a challenge and enjoys the thrill of the chase. I try and pull back and act not interested when he makes advances throughout the day but when it comes to bed time nothing happens. Sometimes if I initiate sex he’ll give me the brush off. I’m sick of feeling rejected and waiting for it. I tried talking to him to explain that I just need it to feel connected, Yeah I know guys dont like that touchy feely stuff but I'm at my wits end. Weve been together 11months and we have sex say every 4 days. So what can I do to spark his interest a lot more without me being to obvious that I want it!!! WickedRussian

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    Hello wickedRussian and welcome to the forums :)

    In my experience you can't go wrong in just being yourself and sitting him down and telling him exactly what you want/need. Tell him you want sex! and more of it! Have you tried the obvious of wearing sexy underwear to entice him? Sensual massages? I think talking is always a good start though. Does he have a lower sex drive than you? Maybe he has and doesn't need sex as much as you do. Maybe its a confidence thing/job stress. These are things to be discussed if possible then you can hopefully set the ball rolling! Best of luck. SG x

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