• Do you post on amateur sharing sites?

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    Oops, not a good start, I hit enter before actually writing the content, so here goes.

    Does anybody post on sites such as Newbienudes or Amateuralbums?

    My OH and I were curious so after some stratigic photoshopping we posted some pics and waited to see what happened, initially we had some posititve and even supportive feedback from other couples but over time the comments were nearly all from males, non of whom had profile pics and they were very clear on what they wanted to do to my wife, even though we had been very clear in our profile.

    Were we being naive? or are there better "quality" sites were there are fewer single males who are online purely to purv?

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    To be perfectly honest, no, you'll never get away from the pervies, not unless you're sticking to paid membership sites, or there may be more swingers-centric couples only sites, or some such. The average sites, however, will always have those guys looking for wank fodder and finding literacy a constant challenge.

    It's a bit twisted, but the reason you'll have such a large portion of communication being twats is because you've said you're in a relationship (or whatever), so the non-twats will have read the profile and left you in peace, whereas the twats will message regardless of what you've said.

    Don't think it's naivety as such, it makes sense to think that people wouldn't waste their time messaging/commenting on people who have no interest in even reading the whole thing, never mind responding or helping fulfil their fantasies. Dumb folk be dumb, and it just comes down to whether the irritation of having to put up with spam is worth the thrill ye get from posting the pics. Sucks that people like that can spoil stuff even for themselves - if they just shut up and had a wank, there'd be more stuff for them the next time, so driving folk away is super-speshul - but same is true in every activity or interest group.

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    I haven't and would really like to, i've got a bit of an exhibitionist side in me :P but my OH doesn't fancy it at all, she can be insecure at times, even though I think she's gorgeous and I'm sure others would to.

    But a good site i saw is Adultism, theres a bit of a community on there and its just a pretty well put together site :)

    Hope this helps and good luck

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    Try Fetlife I post on there and the pictures are not readily captured by viewers.

    There is a good mix of male females on there and you can block people if they pee you off.

    We have met people through the site and it has a lovehoney member's group too.

    It's free to use and great fun too............https://fetlife.com

    Good luck

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    were on newbie nudes and like bb says you do get some knobheads putting sumthings up that airnt appropriate weve made a few friends on there that we chat to pm me if u want and will give u the name we use pal

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    im on there too quite a fewe eejits to avoid but some good people too x

    cornishlad [sign in to see picture]
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    thanks everybody for your comments, we're just going to have to give it some more thought and discuss whether we can tolerate the t#@ts as the price to pay for expanding our sexual horizons, and as you say LuciousLips we can always block them.

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    I find fetlife good

    spunkmonkey [sign in to see picture]
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    try YUVUTU, the wife and i have some vids and pics on there and have recieved some great comments, we both find them a turn on. there is a chatroom with amatuer webcams which can have a few idiots in them but all in all the site is full of like minded people wanting to share.

    P.S. the link to our page on there is on profile, lots of pics of the wife wearing her wet look dress and stockings she got from lovehoney.

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    Fetlife. Simples. Still some 'odd' peeps on there, but also some extremely good photographers & models.

    Try it & see. I'm on there... but not with this name.....!!

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